Saturday, March 6, 2010

Adventures in Big Knife EDC!

A while back I helped an acquaintance get a large TV out to his car in bad weather. When he went to cut the garbage bags up to get the TV sealed up, he pulled a large Cold Steel Voyager folding knife. When I commented that I carried a much smaller EDC blade he gave me a bit of his grandfather's wisdom, "A big knife will cut anything a small knife can AND anything a big knife can."

Looking around the net, I noticed that there are very few large sized folders. I'd considered a Benchmade Ruckus. However, $170 for a 4inch folder, even with the excellent axis-lock, was just a bit steep for an often carried blade. Eventually, I found a magnum sized folder that worked the way I wanted, made from a good steel, and was at the right price. The SOG Spec-Elite II.

The Spec-Elite comes in a 4 and 5 inch version. I chose the massive 5inch. Its made out of VG-10 steel. One of the better Japanese knives steels. The Arc-lock of the SOG folders, works much the same way as the Axis-lock and features an even smoother operation. The price was excellent. Most places sold this design for over $120, but had it for only $100.

I've carried this for nearly two months. I still have some issues with this. Mainly in physically carrying it. The size causes two considerable problems. It has considerable heft. Next, its size is so great that when you pull the knife out, your thumb is not in line to flip open the knife.
It can be opened with a wrist-flick, one does not want to do that too much. I've found it loosens up the screws a little too much if done often. The next problem is that I'm nervous to use it! Its size is enough to cause coworkers to complain. Personal knives are prohibited, but this rule is totally ignored so long as they don't get used more than our box cutters. A 3inch EDC blade vs a 5inch blade might be hard to explain to the bosses. I think the 4inch version would work the better for EDC in a work environment.
There are a lot of positives about this knife though. Its HUGE! For a knife that may be put into use as a weapon, there is a certain level of confidence that this inspires. This knife is big enough to skin anything from a moose to a goblin. The opening and closing is extremely smooth. The pocketclip has good retention and carries well. I can see why folks have proclaimed the excellence of the SOG clips. The plastic grips have a texture that allows for a solid grip but doesn't hurt either.
Did I mention its huge and cool and is a big beautiful pig sticker? This is a neat knife really. I think the smaller version would be the superior large EDC folder, but the big dog is still a great knife.


Ron said...

I have a SOG Trident, that I carry daily. I have had it for 4 years and use it almost daily.
It holds a great edge and have not had any problems with it. It has a 3.5 inch blade and is about 10 inches overall. When I pull it out most people are intimidated by its size. I bought it straight from SOG for $100, but have since seen it in stores for around $50. Overall great knife.

Mad Saint Jack said...

That's not a knife.../s

Most days I carry a 5 inch Cold Steel Gunsite I, but I also carry a smaller knife so I don't send people running in terror.

Back when I worked as a dishwasher I liked the Spyderco harpy knife for boxes. It is a 3 in blade but people where still scared of it (maybe it's me).

Anonymous said...

Well it's either the size or the way the blade comes out. I have the SOG Trident and with the assisted opening it comes out incredibly fast. Although a 5 in. knife can be good I prefer a 4 in. knife or so because the extra inch adds quite a bit of heft to an everyday knife