Friday, January 6, 2012

A Neat Upcoming Benchmade/Harley Davidson Fixed Blade

2012 is already shaping up to be a good year for knives. Several nice looking blades have shown up on BladeForums in a thread for new Benchmade knives. One is part of Benchmade's line of blades made for Harley Davidson. One fixed blade has really caught my eye, the Madcap.

This blade is a modest 4.66 inch long, an excellent defensive blade size. It is on the higher end size for what I like to be made out of 440C stainless, but still within acceptable limits. The shape looks to be a modified drop point recurve. Very similar to a SOG Spec Elite I or II. The grips are g10, which is my favorite grip material. It also has a deep choil which is much like the sub hilts I rant and gibber on about like a Cthulhu cultist with a blasphemous idol. The pommel terminates at an near point that would enable breaking both auto glass and faces with equal aplomb.

This is a sexy blade that is going to be retailing for about $88.95 according to BladeHQ. I am always looking for knives of this size. A little bigger than the normal 3-4 inch range of small defensive knives, but under $100. Since it is 440c, I wish it were about 15 bucks cheaper at least. If the sheath is decent, it might be worth checking out. Oh hell, who am I kidding? I'm going to check it out anyway.

On another note, the package mentioned a week ago is finally out for delivery this morning. About time! Also, I'll be headed to the range this morning to test out my Sig 245 and also to get some much needed trigger time in with my primary carry, the S&W 638 j-frame.

Update: Its not Madcap as BladeHQ's site says, instead it is Mad Cat.

Update2: Benchmade lists it as Madcap. *sigh*

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