Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cold Steel's 2012 New Product List

Cold Steel has finally produced its list of upcoming products for 2012. I am TOTALLY disappointed. Instead of the drop or spear point Mini-Tac that I have been lusting for, we have the tanto and the skinner types coming in serrated... Woopdy fucking doo.

There are 5 swords(no kindjal meh), an axe, 2 spears, a naval dirk, 2 sword machetes, an expensive Kukri in sk5 carbon steel, a few stainless fixed blades, and a several new lockbacks including a mini and micro size for the Recon I series. At least all three sizes will have a spearpoint version now.

I am feeling depressingly underwhelmed. I was really looking forward to Cold Steel's new product list this year. Well, at least Benchmade looks like they're going to have a great year for new goods.


Dan said...

Yeah the list isn't that exciting. The mini and micro recon 1's look cool, but I wonder what the price point will be. Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

Yer i was really dissapointed. They said that there was going to be 9 brand new folders not different sizes of the knives. I count 5 and thats being generous in my opinion. The only thing that i want is the recon 1 spear point. Thats all. COME ON COLD STEEL. We need more pracitcal items such as folders and fixed blades. When the fuck am i going to need a shield the size of a plate?