Friday, November 25, 2011

Ruger Gunsite Scout Available At Walmarts

I finally managed to get into the 2012 Walmart firearm order book and found a lack of ordering information for evil black rifles like Sigs or Bushmasters, but I did find the listing for the cool Ruger Gunsite Scout rifle. It is running for about $760 or so. Not exactly a 'deal'. It would be about that or less at most gunshops.

Sadly, this and the Ruger Mini series were the most evil and black rifles in the book. Yet, the Sig 522s, 556s, and m400s as well as Bushmasters are being sold. Still working on more info.


Anonymous said...

Did you find the catalog online or look at a hard copy in the store???

Roadkill said...

It is in the physical catalog book in the Sporting Goods department.