Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Tasty Experiment

During my endless toil for the Bovine Overseer and out Dark Corporate Lords, I discovered a brick of queso blanco velveeta cheese-like product. Evil plans formed in my mind.

I actually feel that Velveeta and other processed 'American' cheeses have a place in the kitchen. They melt to gooey so very well. I've often tossed some 2% Velveeta to transform my chili into wonderful chili cheese topping for chips or hot dogs. I still have a pocket of it frozen in the freezer for a lousy cold day.

After work I purchased said brick of cheese, 1lb of ground chicken, 1 packet McCormick chicken taco seasoning, a can of refried beans, and some tortilla chips. Scoops to be precise.

Browned the chicken in a skillet lightly oiled with peanut oil. Then followed the directions for the mix packet. Added the water, but only put in about 2/3rds of the seasoning. Let it simmer a bit. Added and mixed in the can of refried beans. Last came a 4th of the block of white processed cheese-like substance cut into cubes. Stirred until fully melted and mixed up.

It was delicious. The spouse unit agreed vehemently. I, and my arteries, felt very full and satisfied after downing a bowl along with a plate of chips. The beans and the chicken make this feel a lot of lighter than a beef chili-cheese dip would. With about a third of the cheese, it would would make a solid filling for corn or flour tortillas. As it stands this will get used during the holidays as a snacking dip. Tasty is considered a solid success.

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DaddyBear said...

That queso blanco is also good in eggs with onions and peppers, or melted in a pan with milk it makes a really good cheese dip, with or without jalapenos.