Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Incoming Stabby

New fixed blade inbound from KnifeCenter. As much as I like my Cold Steel Tanto, I'm ready to try something different. Sadly, it is not the M1-compact. I'm going to try to hold out for the M1 Mini to get the TOPS treatment. Or maybe just get one directly from Relentless.


Dan said...

Right on man - lookin forward to seeing what arrives.

BUFF_dragon said...

might I suggest Mantis Knives..... great designs, and lifetime warranty, they are awesome, its all I carry.
and I ABUSE my knives

Roadkill said...

The Mantis designs seem very cluttered and loud. There isn't much that has the lines I look for in a fixed blade. The Principal look ok. Be better with a class drop point vs that recurve. Otherwise, I'm not much for American Tantos or black coated blades or the outlandish patterns they use.