Friday, December 9, 2011

Walmart is Testing the Waters with EBRs

I managed to find out from a manager that the Sigs and Bushmasters are not part of our replenishable inventory. They were apparently bought in bulk and are currently going out to stores to test the waters to see if such rifles will generate enough sales to become regular inventory. As such, the stores cannot order additional rifles. Instead, stores can put in a request for the rifles but with no assurance that they can actually get one. If you see one and the price is right, grab it. There's no telling when and if we will see the rifles become a normal item in the inventory. However, my store has sold every Sig m400 and 522 we've had in, though the Bushmaster has been untouched. I think that we will see EBRs as part of the regular inventory. Just can't say when.

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