Sunday, April 12, 2009

20/20 needs a 30-30 to the face.

A few days ago, I heard that this week's 20-20 was going to be about guns. Specifically, the piece was titled "If I Only Had a Gun". Being the self-destructive masochist that I am, I went to ABC's website and found some of the segments from this show online. I've only watched two of them. However, I can only find that it is merely more of the yellow journalism that we have come to expect from the Media.

The clip I'll be bitching about was of an experiment about the folly of armed self-defense involving 6 college kids. ABC went out and selected 6 volunteers from colleges. Then they took them and gave them a course on handling and shooting handguns with a police instructor. They claimed that the course was more in-depth than most state CCW courses. The guns were modified to shoot paint cartridges. After receiving this training, they were set in a real life self-defense situation. They concealed their modified glock 17s in On-the-WaistBand holsters, and covered with a large bulky jersey type shirt. They also were armored against the paint rounds. Then one by one they sat in a classroom, not knowing when the SD situation would happen, but told it would happen later in the day. The other people in the classroom are 'cops or other people working for ABC to replicate the chaos of real people in real crisis'. Then at a random time, the shooter bursts into the room opening fire with his own paint firing handgun. In each case the CCW student fails miserably. Only one making any hit against the attacker. One of these students claims to have at least 100 hours of firearms experience. He fails to even unholster his pistol and is taken down 'execution style'. Oh, one thing I forgot the mention. The shooter is the very same instructor that trained these kids. A nicely stacked deck, ABC. Masterful work. Hamfist, smoked to perfection.

So how about they play a different game? How about the kids trade places with the cop? But wait, I don't think I could trust him not to throw it on purpose. How about, the kids go verses kids? Only on the absolute worst case scenarios would the shooter be a professional like a firearms instructor, or other similarly extremely proficient firearm user. In the best of circumstances you can't expect rookie kids to do well against such an opponent. We just aren't seeing any shooters with that level of skills and experience. A veteran cop is going react much differently than a scared guy with a few dozen hours at the range with a 9mm. Why not use just a random beat cop as the shooter? Or perhaps someone who is NOT a professional? You know. Like in most shootings. Why not use some folks that have had their CCW permits for some time too? Let them carry what and how they're most comfortable with. There's a reason while full sized handguns are less popular for CCW. Why not a babyglock? Thats much more reasonable and a very common choice for CCW. OWB might not work so well, but IWB might do better. With an open jacket, even seated, IWB can be easily accessed. Then there's pocket, cross draw, you name it!

ABC just stacked the deck to make the result that they wanted happen. It was expected, but it was just horrible to watch. Yellow bastards.

Just found an excellent(much better than mine) post on this very subject!

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