Friday, March 6, 2009

Good ideas and poor skills

I have this awful problem. I'm a pretty creative guy. My brain at times goes really fast, and suddenly I get these ideas. Once several years ago, I had the idea for laptop pads that sucked out the heat from the laptop away from your legs and groin. Now someone has made a lot of money on those. Today's current idea is for a house robe that has holster and magazine pockets for when you go to check out a noise, or just puttering around the house. One of the guys from the Gunblogger Conspiracy IRC room suggested MOLLE mountings too. How the HELL can I make money off my ideas?! I also had an idea for a rail bayonet before CZ went and made one. One of the 'smart gun' technologies that Colt is working on now, I had the idea before I knew they were working on the same thing! On top of these product ideas, I have several books worth of sci-fi and fantasy stories inside my noggin, but have so far lacked the willpower to write it all down. Getting back into the writing habit is one important reason for this blog. Oh yeah, and because it makes me feel pretty on the inside.

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